4. Zen Chi Machine

4. Zen Chi Machine
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Day-to-day activities take a toll on our posture, our backs, and our wellbeing. Sitting at a desk, driving, or simply doing everyday tasks with poor posture create inappropriate muscle tensions that leave us slouching, with back pain, and with an array of other physical impairments. The solution is the Reviber Bodywave – as recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists.

Reviber have been working with osteopaths and physiotherapists for 10 years, supplying them with continuous passive motion (CPM) devices and massage equipment. The Bodywave is the latest CPM device from Reviber's design team.

No expertise is required, so it is also ideal to use in the comfort of your own home. Just lie down, put your ankles in the foam-padded ankle cradle, select the desired length of time on the timer, and enjoy the wonderful, harmonic massage of the Bodywave.

The gentle, smoothing oscillations (wave movement) induced in the body by the Bodywave are similar to those produced by manual medical practitioners such as Osteopaths using their oscillatory or harmonic techniques. The result is the relaxation of muscle tension, improving posture and function, as well as reducing pain or discomfort.

These therapists are using the Bodywave in their practices and are also recommending that patients have one at home to ensure that the fantastic results of this therapeutic movement are maintained.

One such osteopath recommending the Reviber Bodywave Pro is Matthew Whale, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine and previously an anatomy lecturer. His article here on our blog page takes an in-depth look at the Bodywave.

Wonderfully Relaxing

In addition to easing muscle tension directly, because it is so wonderfully relaxing the Reviber Bodywave can also help tackle the psychological stress that can also cause muscle tension... often a factor in back pain and tension headaches. It's a wonderful way to relax at any time of day, particularly an hour before bedtime - use it as part of your wind-down in the evening to help you sleep.


After exercise or a long day at work; as a back care treatment from a physiotherapist; or just to unwind and relax at home, the psychological and physical effects of the Bodywave can help you to enjoy a better quality of life.

For inactive people

In addition to the advantages above, if you are incapable of leading an active life, the Bodywave movement can also help to stimulate the body, giving you some of the benefits you may not be getting from everyday activity, such as stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Price: 200.00 EUR
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