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The future in healthcare is about educating families to take responsibility for their own lives and health. As a society we have become accustomed to a convenient life style believing that our health comes in a capsule or syringe only to realise that it all comes back to ourselves. The choices we make every day in what we eat, how we deal with stress, the exercise we do, our attitude etc., all lay the foundation for sickness or health. 

Change is needed now.

My aim now it to teach parents and other family members how to take control and determine their own journey and destiny.

The increase in all the various diseases show that medicine in itself does not have all the answers so why wait to find out the hard way.

We see the huge increase in learning and behavioral issues, stress and depression, chronic fatigue, burnout, digestive disorders etc. all of which can be prevented and overcome through the correct integrated system of healthcare.  For over 26 years I have been doing this in my clinic and now I know that I can teach you to do the same thing within your home. 

You can do it.

I will teach you how to work with the energy system of your body, to understand the crucial role of food, how to deal with your stress, how to change your mindset, develop strategies for your life and at the same time allow you to enjoy the nice things in life.

The benefits of this will have huge impact on you and your family. They will have more energy, be more focused, more relaxed, sleep better and have the strategies to cope with any difficulties they may encounter in life. 

Your time is now. 

Don’t wait until you or a member of your family gets sick to realize the challenges you may face, with long hospital waiting lists, going from consultant to consultant worried and stressed with little or no answers or solution to your problems.

Take the steps now and you can prevent a lot of problems in the future.

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Location: Michaels Clinic - 4/5 Walnut House, Turnpike  Ennis, Co Clare


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"If you think being healthy is expensive try sickness"

 Alannah Cross

Margaret Crosse said, "My daughter Alannah was suffering from muscle wasting in her right hand with pain 24/7 and a lack of energy. At 15 years of age she was spending a lot of time in bed, life was passing her by. Alannah was treated in Michaels clinic over 4 days. After day two Alannah could feel relief and by the time we were heading home, she was looking forward to her next visit to the clinic in Dublin. Over the 4 days watching the treatments and listening to what Michael had to say, I decided to book into the family training weekend programme because I wanted to help my daughter's health improve by learning how to treat her. The weekend was a great success for me. It opened my eyes to how much we can help our families with one weekend of learning. It was relaxing, very informative and everything was explained in an uncomplicated way. By attending the weekend it has helped Alannah greatly because I can be her support in between her visits to the clinic. I found this weekend to be a life changing opportunity for my family and I would highly recommend it to all. As a result of the training with Michael my family is in better health. I don't feel helpless anymore."



Jackie Flynn for her son Adam

Clare woman, Jackie Flynn, first brought her son Adam for treatment when he was just under a year old. Many months of various antibiotics had reflected no improvement in his condition, which involved chest pains, severe wheezing and coughing. Seeing this lack of progress prompted Jackie to seek out a number of alternative options, one of which was Plexus Bio-Energy. Here Jackie gives an account of the change in Adam before the work on his energy system.

'I didn't personally know Michael O'Doherty prior to Adam's treatment in his clinic,' she admits, 'so at the beginning I was sceptical. When I saw him working on Adam and waving his hands around him, I actually thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous. However, we were at a stage where we didn't want Adam taking so many antibiotics, so we were more than willing to try alternative routes like bio-energy, as the medical route clearly wasn't working.

'Sure enough, after Adam's third treatment session with Michael, we could see a visible improvement. As well as administering the treatment, Michael made small changes to Adam's diet and it all seemed to have a positive effect on him. He is now two-and-a-half years old and I can honestly say he has never had a chest infection since undergoing the treatment.




Jackie offers advice to parents in a similar situation.

'My advice to other parents who are in a situation similar to the one I was in is to look at the alternative options. There's no harm in finding out what else is out there. As I said before, I was very sceptical at the beginning, but now I would actually advise parents to try the bio-energy treatment before they go down the medical route. There is no point placing your child on medication if there is another way their condition can be treated. To buy a nebuliser is quite costly and that's before you even take into consideration the cost of the various medications.

As I have personally witnessed the results of the treatment through Adam, I honestly wouldn't hesitate in recommending the energy treatment to other parents

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Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.
~ Buddha

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