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Feedback on D.V.D - Professor Valerie Hunt

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your DVD. It is artistically and technically a beautiful production which keeps the viewers in higher consciousness. The power and rhythm of the ocean brings such fullness and tranquility.
Michael, I give you highest praise for your clean, precise healing techniques, for how you communicate with your clients and the results reported.
Your continual inspirational message of hope is outstanding as a way to get their personal, emotional participation. Your DVD is indeed the best I have ever seen from any healer in my long years of association with them.
I like your insight that emotional problems and physical disturbances closely coalesce and that by improving medical conditions the person can more effectively handle problems of life.
If you follow my website and books you will note that my emphasis has moved on from energy healing to the deepest sources of health problems in past lives- shock and soul-destiny as the driving emery of each individual. With your healing techniques and skills you will probably get a glimmer of this quite often.
I am also working with geneticists in altering the genetic damage done in this life by physical shock using bioenergy application to homeopathic RNA drops and sprays they use. This is the frontier of medicine today and I hope will replace the current limited diagnosis, incorrect prognosis and destructive treatment by chemicals.
Michael, if you are ever in the States on the West Coast I would love to meet with you.
With my highest appreciations for you and your contributions
Professor Valerie V. Hunt

Hope is the lifeline by which many overcome the most difficult of circumstances. We must never remove hope from people.

Just Imagine DVD
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