Mr. Michael O'Doherty - 25yr anniversary

Mr. Michael O'Doherty

In 1990 the People of Ireland awoke to a new understanding of how the body functioned and how they could deal with illness differently when both Myself and my colleague Tom Griffin appeared on Gay Byrnes Late Late Show demonstrating the effects of working on the energy system of the body. Patients with particular illness such as Stroke, Asthma, Headaches, Depression, Neurological issues etc. all of whom were chosen by the researchers of this TV show testified to the amazing benefits of this health-care system. In fact the recovery for some seemed remarkable even miraculous. We pointed out quite clearly to the audience and viewers that when you deal with the cause of illness that anything was possible. It wasn't a case of mind over matter but we were dealing with something that was real and all that was needed was for people to open their minds and that all avenues needed to be explored to overcome their illness.

The reaction to the show was enormous and probably the biggest compared to any item that had ever been on the TV show. Thousands of people queued for hours at various venues throughout Ireland and the UK to avail of the treatment such was the response. Many came from around the world seeking help. The success of our work at that time was well documented and can be seen on my YouTube channel on my website

Over the last 25 years the knowledge and experience that I have gained about life, illness and health is enormous, and the message is still the same. Simple lifestyle changes bring about miraculous results once we get the energy of the body balanced and flowing properly.
Hard to believe, but 25 years on I can look back and see the enormous impact that this approach to treating disease has had on many peoples lives. Patients who were told there was no cure for their illness to go home and live or die with it proved otherwise. Many things have changed also, with science particularly in the area of Quantum and non-local physics establishing as fact what we talked about all those years ago.

Most recently, my work with people like Mr.Michael Flatley whom I got back to full health from a serious illness that threatened his career has attracted a lot of attention internationally.
Others like comedian Brendan Grace, International soccer player GarryKelly, Matt Molloy of the Chieftans as well as actor Jody Latham (Shameless, Tudors, The Fixer),Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon, celebrity favourite Sam Faiers and Kirk Norcross all add to a long list of some of the world's most influential businessmen and women and a raft of A-list names that are all seeking treatment at my clinic.

Click on link to View some testimonials.

There will be lots happening this year, we will be holding an event celebrating the 25th anniversary, launching a new health care system based on my 25 years experience, publishing an eBook, making a documentary and lots lots more. So stay connected and change your life.

Michael O Doherty

Each day I embrace life with love as I connect to Nature and the Divine and I thank the universe for all that I have.

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