Chronic Fatigue Seminar, 27th June 2015 Ennis

Chronic Fatigue Seminar
Temple Gate Hotel Ennis Co Clare
SATURDAY JUNE 27th 10am to 1pm
Chronic Fatigue and Stress are causing huge problems for people due to modern day lifestyle and the pressures of work / family life. Each day at least 10 people show up at Michael's clinic with fatigue and related symptoms.

Over the last 25 years, Michael's phenomenal success in guiding people back to full health has been well documented internationally. Michael Flatley and many others testify to the benefits of Michael's Stress and Chronic Fatigue Programme.

You don't have to suffer. You can Recover.

Path to Recovery:

  • Where to Begin & The Steps to Recovery
  • Skills to access the hidden Power of the Mind
  • Inspiring Recovery Stories
  • Transform your Emotional Stress
  • Key Nutritional Changes

For more information & bookings contact Frances at our office.
Temple Gate Hotel Ennis - SATURDAY JUNE 27th 10am to 1pm
Cost €50

I am Healthy, Happy, Secure and my future is secure.

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