Elissa Carty Age 14 - Recovery from Chronic Headaches & Vomiting

Elissa Carty.
Age 14.

Elissa had been experiencing severe bouts of vomiting during 2013 with no known medical cause. This culminated on 10th April 2014 when I was called to her school as she was suffering from a headache, vomiting and had difficulty walking.

She was admitted to hospital and remained there for approximately 10 days. Various tests were performed and none indicated any root cause of her severe symptoms. She continued to suffer from continuous migraine-like headaches, vomiting and unable to walk for a number of weeks. Her mobility returned but the other symptoms remained. Over the next few months she was subjected to numerous blood tests, MRI scan, Camera exploration and no known medical cause could be established. She attended at specialist clinics etc. with no clear reason for her severe symptoms. We were told her condition was called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. I was doubtful about this as her symptoms were continuous as opposed to cyclical. Elissa was prescribed various medications in an attempt to relieve her symptoms but again very little relief.

The headaches and vomiting continued throughout 2014. She missed the last 6-7 weeks of 1st year at school, spent the entire summer in pain and attempted to return to school for 2nd year. Her entire life had changed. She was unable to participate in activities and spend time with friends. As a parent it was heart-breaking to watch her in so much pain, There was no end in sight and we had completed all the medical tests, nothing was working. We were at our wits end. The strain was affecting our entire family.

In December 2014, I brought Elissa to a massage therapist. After the session, the therapist was alarmed at how unwell she was and asked me would I contact Michael O'Doherty Plexus Bio Energy healing. I must admit I was sceptical and almost didn't contact Michael. On Friday the 12th December I rang the office and Michael answered. We talked briefly and he immediately agreed to see Elissa the following Monday. When we arrived Tina began the therapy with Elissa. There were slight improvements over the first few days and by Wednesday evening the difference in Elissa was astounding. When we attended the 4th therapy session that week her headaches had almost disappeared and the vomiting had stopped. This was astounding to us. After 9 months of hell my daughter was returning to health almost overnight. To see her emerge from this pain was hard to believe but there was no denying that the treatment had worked. To this day I still can't get over how well she became in such a short period of time.

We had an amazing Christmas and I cannot express how grateful we are to Michael, Tina and all the team for giving Elissa the gift of health.

During and after her treatment we made some minor changes to Elissa's diet and added supplements to her daily routine. Along with these changes and regular attendance with Tina, Elissa continues to remain in excellent health, is off all medication and her symptoms have completely disappeared.

Elissa and her entire family will never forget what Plexus Bio Energy healing has achieved and will always be grateful.

Allison Carty, Ennis, Co Clare, Ireland

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