Lisa Wallace - Fibromyalgia

I'd tried every remedy possible....We hadn't walked far on the beach, but my feet were throbbing. "Perhaps it's the hot weather" my hubby Paul, 38 said. My doctor diagnosed tendonitis, told me it's clear up within 6 weeks. Two months later, I was still in pain – one morning, I couldn't get up. "I can't move" I cried to Paul. "My whole body's seized up". He called an ambulance, but hospital tests all came back clear. "Just take some painkillers" the Doctor said. But they didn't' touch the pain. I couldn't walk, could hardly open my mouth to eat. Paul had to carry me to bed each night. Sick of being sick, I decided to get a second opinion. You have fibromyalgia, a condition that causes chronic pain, I was told. "It's incurable". How could I stand for the rest of my life? Over the next six years, I was given steroid injections, chemo tablets, had visits to a pain clinic – but nothing worked. Then on the telly, I heard about Plexus Healthcare, a healing therapy developed by a man named Michael O 'Doherty from Ireland.

He'd recently opened a clinic in London. I made an appointment and, on the day, Michael introduced himself, and then waved his arms around me. "How will this help?" I thought. "You have a problem with your digestive system, and the left side of your body's shut down" he said eventually.

He diagnosed all that just by waggling his limbs? It seemed like nonsense....I'm rebalancing your life energy" he said. He didn't touch me, but I felt a tingling all over.
After the first session, I slept for hours. After the second, I was freezing. "I've cooled down your body, it's relaxed and it will heal" he explained.

Amazingly, by the last session, my pain had disappeared. "I'd forgotten what that felt like" I grinned. I still see Michael every six months. People may not understand – I don't really! But I'm pain free and that's all that matters!

Hope is the lifeline by which many overcome the most difficult of circumstances. We must never remove hope from people.

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