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photo.PNG-21When I was 13 years of age I started suffering from seizure like episodes, chronic headaches and serious food allergies. Prior to this happening I was a happy and healthy girl that loved to irish dance. Because of these things happening to me I swapped my life for doctors, consultants and months of hospital beds all over Ireland. Nobody could give me a definite answer to why this was happening to me. I was put on steroids, beta-blockers and blood pressure tablets for no apparent reason.

This carried on for 2 years and steadily started to get worse. I ended up not being able to attend school, dance or just basically do anything. I spent the full summer of 2013 in hospitals in Kerry and Crumlin in Dublin as I didn't have the health or ability to even walk out my front gates without collapsing.

Eventually I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to undergo an operation to have 3 cysts the size of golf balls removed from my ovaries. This was the start of my recovery or so I thought. My energy levels didn't recover and I still didn't have the ability to get out of bed. At this stage I was giving up on ever getting better.

In October 2013 I was in bed one evening when my mom came running up stairs shouting to me that "I have the person to make you better Zara". Mom was watching a TV interview with Michael Flatley and Michael had raved about how Michael O'Doherty had worked magic on him with bio energy treatment. Before I knew it my parents had an appointment made for me with Michael and his team. I can honestly say that from my first appointment with Michael when I had to be carried in, that over a short period of time my energy levels have recovered to a level higher than they ever were even before I was ill.

Zara u17 All Ireland Champion 2015Michael gave me back my life.

I returned to dancing in early 2014 and I have so much energy now from my treatment with Michael that I have been able to give it my all.

In 2014 I won numerous large feis and am delighted to say that I won the All Scotland's, European championships and came 2nd in the worlds.

I honestly can't believe where I am with my life today and I know that it's all down to Michael O'Doherty and his wonderful team including Mary Kerin whose nutritional advice and support has been key to my recovery.

My goals are to become a doctor, world champion and dance in one of Michael Flatley's shows. A big thank you again to Michael O'Doherty and his team and Michael Flatley because if Michael didn't tell his story I wouldn't be where I am today.

Zara Murphy

Watch Zara's speaking about her recovery on Michael's YouTube Channel

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