Ellen Hogan - M.E.

Today Ellen is a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Plexus Bio Energy Therapist.

photo-298 years ago Ellen's competitive horse riding career came to an abrupt halt. Subsequently to be diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus / glandular fever, at only 14 years of age Ellen found herself completely bed bound, unable to do anything for herself. With vital organs affected and failing to support her system, Ellen found herself bed bound for 7 months, in severe pain 24/7, with severe fatigue, muscle wasting and hormone problems, extreme light and noise sensitivity to name but a few. She began to be able to move a little after this initial 7 month period however for every step she would take her condition seemed to worsen. Ellen was then told the diagnosis wasn't good, she had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) for which there is no medical cure. From there she spent the best part of another 2 years bed bound, being carried from the bed to the couch and back again. After seeing many doctors and specialists throughout Ireland there wasn't much hope for Ellen and there was nothing the medical system could offer (other than to dull the pain). She had seen many healers and complementary therapists unfortunately to no avail.
Eventually Ellen met Michael and his team.

Ellen states ''This was my turning point. I was always determined that I would be able to walk properly and gain a good quality of life again but Michael was the first specialist to ever instill this hope in me. I continued 4 day treatment on a monthly basis and my condition gradually improved. Month by month the pain left me, my vision and speech restored, my mobility and strength increased, my energy levels grew, my immune system and appetite improved and so on. With the integration of Nutrition and Natural Medicines on a daily basis – after 2 years I can say I fully recovered. I can't thank Adrienne and Michael enough for what they did for me, I now live each and every day without limitations''.

Today 100% recovered, not only does Ellen run her own well renowned Wexford based clinic she is a huge fitness enthusiast and back to her horse riding.

Watch our YouTube clip where Ellen speaks about her recovery & gives some helpful advice to others faced with health challenges

EllenHogan YouTube Clip

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