Caitlins Recovery (Child)

Another Amazing Story from Michael O’Doherty’s Clinic


At the beginning of March 2015 our daughter Caitlin, who was two-and-a-half years old at the time, suffered a fever convulsion at home.  Her body temperature had reached 40°C without warning and she was shivering and shaking uncontrollably.  We rushed her to Shannondoc and the doctor there immediately referred her to University Hospital Limerick where she underwent a series of medical tests, x-rays etc to determine the cause of her temperature but to no avail.  She was given regular medicine to control her temperature but it would spike within an hour or two again without warning.  She remained in hospital for two days undergoing repeated tests to determine possible causes of her symptoms and treatment.  Doctors ultimately diagnosed Caitlin as having a viral infection and this was their explanation for the cause of her temperature spiking and that it should pass within a week.  We were advised we could bring her home, give her regular medicine to control her temperature but if there were any changes we were to bring her back to the hospital immediately.


The first night we brought Caitlin home was very distressing to say the least, monitoring her every hour and having to wait for the next interval until we could give her more medicine to bring down her temperature we felt completely helpless.  Watching our little girl lying there and seeing no improvement we decided we couldn’t leave her this way for a week and we needed to do something more.


The following morning we contacted Michael O’Doherty as we knew him personally and explained Caitlin’s condition.  Micahel told us to bring her in to his clinic that morning and he would fit us in.  Caitlin’s temperature was still fluctuating and she was completely off form when Michael began Bio-Energy on her.  He started to concentrate on her stomach area and asked us had we noticed anything about her stomach.  We said yes we couldn’t understand why her belly was so swollen considering she had been sick for over 3 days now and hadn’t eaten anything except for drinking her milk and water.  Michael said exactly, her stomach is swollen because it is full of excess mucus, which is trapped and in turn has blocked her system.  The reason for her temperature spiking is because her system has registered there is something wrong, its sending signals to try and fight it but it can’t so all the medicine is doing is bringing down her temperature for a period of time and when it wears off her system repeats the signals again sending her temperature up.  After Caitlin’s first treatment Michael advised us to eliminate all mucusy foods from her diet especially dairy and wheat, put her on a course of kids probiotics and he asked us to bring her to the clinic for the next three consecutive days as he wanted her to complete a four day Bio-Energy treatment session.  That night Caitlin’s temperature started to regulate itself, she slept better and had more life in her the following morning.  For the next three days Michael and his team worked on Caitlin whilst we gave her the probiotics and made the changes to her diet.  He explained that what they were doing was breaking up the mucus in her system and restoring the balance and he advised us to be prepared for the mucus leaving her system, that she might be very tired after the session.  Just as described Caitlin started to cough up the mucus, she slept for hours at a time and each day we could see an improvement, her temperature returned to normal, she had more energy and by the end of the week she was almost back to herself.


Caitlin is going on three-and-a-half years old now and has been thriving since her Bio-Energy treatment.  She is full of life as any child should be, extremely healthy and during the winter months was borderline chest infection but her system was strong enough to fight it without any antibiotics.  Michael and his team helped us to understand the importance of changing Caitlin’s diet and in turn we changed ours for all our benefit.


We can’t thank Michael and his team enough for what they have done for us so our advice to other parents in similar situations is to go with your gut feeling, if you are not happy with your child’s condition after seeking medical care then why not try an alternative option.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as we discovered through Michael O’Doherty. 


Marie and Mike Moloney for their daughter Caitlin

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."  - Willie Nelson

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