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When Oisin was born in 2012 he was born with extremely dry skin.  As he got older his skin got worse, it dried out and became very itchy.  Scratching turned into scabs and they starting bleeding as a result of scratching.  He was an extremely irritated little baby as a result and there was very little sleep got for him both day and night.  For me there wasn't a night where I got a full night’s sleep for the first three years of his life.  I was up a minimum of four times a night, trying to comfort him back to sleep.  His sheets would have to be changed during the night as a result of bleeding caused by scratching. 

 I took him to the doctor numerous times and I was then referred to a consultant, I was given steroid creams which I used and found not one of them cleared the problem, only reduced it slightly or even masked the problem. His skin got thin and for a finish he wouldn't let me hold his hand, because it was sore.  This was sole destroying.   I felt somehow the problem was coming from within. I didn't know where to turn, I was so tired and felt so helpless and seeing Oisin tearing at his skin and his head all the time was heart-breaking. 

 I then decided to call Michael O ‘Doherty’s Bio Energy to see would he help us.    We attended Michael's clinic in Sept 2015 and since then I haven't looked back.   Michael explained how to change Oisin's diet and introduce different fruits & vegetables and remove all sugary foods from his diet, once I had this done I could see a huge improvement in his skin.  The sleep pattern then came and as a result of having a good night’s sleep his body was well rested and less stressed and everything seemed to fall into place after that.  It was like a jigsaw puzzle and that one piece was missing until I attended Michael's clinic.  Now Oisin is a happy little boy all thanks to Michael O ‘Doherty Plexus Bio Energy.

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