Robert Lambarti - Sinus Infections/Allergies

This is a long one!!!

I haven't said a word to anyone other than my very close friends and close family about what I'm going to tell you. 

Early 1998 I took a holiday to the Caribbean, on my return I became very ill with sinus infections and started to produce thick glue like mucous from my throat and chest I went to the doctors and was given antibiotics after antibiotics, nothing worked I was then told I had allergies! I must have seen every allergy specialist in the UK and even one doctor in Germany I must have tried every nasal spray and antihistamine going to try and put an end to what I can only describe as my living hell!

I've never been a poorly person never had allergies ate and drank what I liked, never a problem, as a child played in all weathers, yes I had the odd cold but nothing my body couldn't deal with. So the years went by chest infections, throat infections, sinus infections more and more antibiotics and having a job like mine my life was really not worth living seriously no joke.. I nearly stopped singing, I would have terrible mood swings and I would say very low days, not depression because in my mind I always knew I would get this sorted, it was lack of a sense of smell my nose would just be blocked.

I sat down to watch the tv one night and it was Piers Morgan his guest was Michael Flatley, you know RIVERDANCE, LORD OF THE DANCE etc.. he talked of an illness he had come down with (see link below) and talked of how he was really ill and was cured not by any of the many doctors but by a man in Ireland that practises BIO ENERGY, I immediately wrote this guys details down googled him tracked him down and emailed him, his name is Michael O' Doherty we chatted via email and a few calls, but for some reason probably my negative thoughts and disbelief I kept putting off a visit to see him and just kept carrying on, in the year 2015 I had 5 lots of antibiotics, enough was enough, after what I would say was my worst year for catching everything going. I finally took the step and booked to see him. So I went over to Ireland in January spent four days over there in ENNIS, having a one hour treatment every day. I stuck to everything he said, did what he advised and I can now say I've never felt better since I was a child, my energy levels and just general health is back where it should have been.

Michael, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my life. You really are worth your weight in Gold infact more than Gold! Health is more important than anything !! I urge anyone with an illness not necessarily like mine, it could be anything! Get in touch with Michael, he will put you back on track and fix you, I assure you, if it worked for Michael Flatley and me and many many others it will for you. Don't waste any more time toeing and froeing to your doctors inbox me if you want more details I'm happy to HELP! Or contact Michael direct.

 00353 65 6841844

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."  - Willie Nelson

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