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Before I start to relate my experiences since visiting Michael O’ Doherty’s clinic I feel a bit of background would help.  I am 74 years old.  I have always been very fit.  Eleven years in the army, playing squash till my knees complained too much, then golf and set dancing.  Only fifteen years ago my wife and I danced twenty-two sets in one afternoon for charity.  I’ve had depression since I was eighteen but it only hit me hard on about five occasions.  Whether it is significant or not I didn’t have it treated until I was fifty.  My life was as much as I could have wanted.  Then, about two months before my fiftieth I went to bed one afternoon feeling a bit tired and was hardly awake again for two weeks.  I was so weak I couldn’t dress myself, walk unaided, climb stairs, get in or out of the bath alone or fend for myself.  If it wasn’t for my wife I would not have got to the various doctors or hospitals that I visited in the next month or two.  Eventually I was told that there was nothing that could be found wrong with me and the best course was long term bed rest.  That’s not laying in bed reading.  That’s laying in bed looking at the ceiling and watching my life dribble away.  I spent the next six months in bed for about eighteen to twenty hours a day.  I was told that I had a ‘condition’ called M.E.  And rest was the only remedy.  Not cure!  Over the following few years I tried so many different things to improve the situation.  I won’t bore you with a list.  I did experience some improvements when I would plateau at a level of energy which allowed me to function more normally, but then for no reason I would regress.  Even when I was better I was still seriously lacking any energy.  I did get some improvement by having several sessions with a therapist who used the Mikel Therapy technique.  This improved my mental attitude and the pain disappeared overnight, but very little increase in energy.  Then six years ago I had my prostate removed followed by seven weeks of radiation and now hormone treatment.  This would have knocked out a fit man.  You can imagine what it did to me.  Then shortly afterwards I was told I had type 2 diabetes.


In November of 2015 a friend gave me some information regarding Michael’s clinic.  I attended for four days in December.  The sessions were intensive, caring and informative.  I was supplied with lots of information regarding diet, supplements and guidance.  The list of things, most of which I liked, that they recommended that I give up looked bit daunting at first.  No dairy, sugar, eat wheat-free or spelt bread.  Drink lots of water.  But I said that there is no point in asking advice from someone with a proven record in his field and then ignoring it.  When I returned home, with the great help of my dear wife, I threw myself 100% into a new way of eating.  It had been suggested that there was no apparent physical reason why I should be taking a statin, which had been prescribed for me quite some years ago.  I saw my doctor and she didn’t raise too many objections when I said that I had stopped taking them.  I also went out for a walk most days regardless of the weather.  This is the big point, I WAS BACK IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE.  I returned to the clinic again for four days in April, more for reinforcement than anything else.


So where am I now?   In May I spent two weeks travelling by train in France with just a rucksack.  I tramped round six or seven old towns exploring the many Roman remains, climbing to the top of the highest point in the amphitheatres and generally wearing out my shoes.  I have rejoined my local golf club and practice or play almost every day.  I have a lot of lost golf to make up.  Yesterday I cut the grass for the first time in seven years.  Two months after I stopped taking the statins my cholesterol readings were in the high eights.  Last week they were in the mid fours.  My morning blood sugar readings are what’s known as perfect.  I have lost eleven pounds, which I don’t miss.  I can exercise without pain and exhaustion.  I feel free for the first time in years.


Michael O’ Doherty is not a miracle worker.  He is thorough, well informed, enthusiastic and caring.  His clinic does not sell the supplements that they recommend.  A big point with me.  The dietary suggestions are realistic.  I now eat goat’s cheese, spelt bread, gluten-free crackers, more raw fruit and vegetables and drink almond milk.  I eat more fish and little or no meat.  My decision.  Get that - my decision.  Not a victim any more.  If you recognise in yourself any of the symptoms that I have described you have a choice.   You can do nothing.  Then don’t complain.  Or  you can go to Michael’s clinic and regain your energy and regain your life.  You have nothing to lose and everything to regain.  M.E. doesn’t kill you.  It just stops you living.


I hope that what I have written encourages you to try to improve your situation and get your life back.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Quincy Adams

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