Miryam - Skin Issues

My sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to you for getting me back on the road to recovery and for helping me regain my quality of life.

After experiencing a facial chemical burn that caused me eight months of constant painful burning sensations and flare-ups that would last for hours at a time, my skin was simply not healing as it should. For eight months I was unable to leave the house unless it was for a medical appointment, due to the pain of the flare-ups that would spread across my face. Though I had developed an aversion to heat, these flare-ups occurred in any temperature, they were unpredictable but always painful and unsightly. My skin had also developed erythema.

Twenty Dermatologists, numerous GP’s, and four countries later, the medical profession did not know how to treat my symptoms effectively though they agreed that what I was experiencing was caused by the chemical burn. I was put on prescription antihistamines and painkillers, all to no effect. I did every medical test requested to rule out one condition after another but they were unable to give me an exact diagnosis for the symptoms I was experiencing.

After learning about you and your clinic, I booked an appointment and it was the best thing I could have done. It was the first time that someone told me that I would be ok, that my skin was going to heal, believing it to be so, then performing a treatment to ensure it would heal. You weren’t interested in the daily log of photos which I was keeping for the Dermatologists charting my progress or lack of to date, photos which had baffled the medical profession as to what was going on with my skin. You were only interested in the present.

After my initial bio-energy treatments the unpredictable flare-ups stopped. After the first day of treatment I was able to stop all prescribed medication. My skin started to feel normal for the first time in months, it started to feel like skin again as opposed to the constant heat, tightness and tingling I had been experiencing. My skin started to heal and for the first time since the burn occurred, I was able to do normal things like apply water to my skin and wear make-up, simple things I had previously taken for granted. The pain and the flare-ups ceased, the erythema on my skin started to diminish and I was able to start living again.

Though I attended the treatments to help my facial skin, the benefits of bio-energy ensured that the folliculitis which I had on the skin on my chest for three years and which had not responded to medication healed after my bio-energy treatment. I had also developed painful, red bumps on the joints of my fingers which I had for a couple of months prior to visiting your clinic. Again, after treatment they fully healed.

Bio-energy is a complete all rounder and of benefit to the whole body. Now I consider bio-energy treatment to be essential to my healthcare and plan to get regular treatments to ensure my body remains in balance to enable the innate healing which resides in each of us to continue to do its work. My skin is well on the road to recovery and I believe with bio-energy restoring balance to my body that it will continue to heal. I cannot thank you enough for helping my body heal and for the great work that you continue to do.


Much love,


Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.
~ Buddha

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