Peter – Ear Ringing/Torn Knee Muscle/Emotional


I booked a four day course of treatment at Michael O’ Doherty’s Bio Energy Clinic during October 2016 due to a stress problem that had been affecting me since mid-February, 2016.  I had been caring for my mother who was having serious health problems at the time and life at home had changed radically due to the new routine and the need to be available almost constantly.  To put it as simply as I can, I think I knew something was wrong but I tried to brush it off like I could handle it, but it became more intense.  I went to see my Doctor who gave me some antibiotics to treat what we thought was maybe, just a gut infection of some kind and after completing the course of tablets the intensity had eased but I knew something was still not right and the medicine had left me feeling not great, so I thought I should call Michael.

I had previously attended Michael O’ Doherty’s clinic in 1996 after a serious road traffic accident in 1991, that had left me physically in a pretty bad way, I was told constantly by Doctor’s both General and Specialist to keep taking the pain killers and get a less physical job than construction work, so I began retraining in Horticulture and I was taking painkillers on a regular basis.  It was during my studies that I came accross Michael O’Doherty’s book on Bio Energy at a library and one morning when I should have been headed for class, I was actually having a hard time getting as far as the kitchen table so I decided to get in touch with Michael.  That’s when I learned what was going on with my body since the accident and he and his team worked on me for four days, that’s four days that changed my life “I’m being very serious and honest when I say that”.

I completed my three year training and have remained painkiller free.  I began my new career in market gardening after a year back packing, I began to work physically with care, as hard as I ever had.  Anyway, we met again in mid-October, 2016, since attending the clinic I find no trace of stress or discomfort that I had been suffering from.  I was also fortunate that I got relief from a ringing noise in one of my ears that had been there for ages, and my knees that had been bothering me since tearing a knee muscle a few years ago feels reinvigorated and my general stability has improved immensely.

I went to the clinic to get rid of the stress and upset sorted before it got more serious and had not told them about the other complaints as I thought they were age related wear and tear and just part of a very active and hard working life, but they got sorted too and I feel great in a very natural way.  I got advice on a few dietary changes and how to look after my physical and energetic self.  In fairness, I think if my car deserves a trip to the garage every now and then for maintenance then shouldn’t I do that for myself too.

I would like to thank Michael O 'Doherty and his colleagues for the care and attention they gave me and hope Bio Energy can become a more mainstream type of therapy used by everyone as a way of restoring health and vitality but more importantly getting potential trouble sorted before it occurs or develops into serious complaints.

Realize you are responsible for your life. The decisions, the choices you make are yours. Don't blame others,take responsibility, change the things that need changing.

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