Ann O’ Sullivan – Poor Appetite/Low Energy/Intense Pressure in Ears and Head/Electric Shock type Spasms

In 2014, my health and life changed.  Whilst living a very busy lifestyle, I found myself loosing energy and my appetite.  I felt like I was suffering from severe flu like symptoms for an extended period of time.  This naturally prompted me to visit my local G.P.  After ten days of taking antibiotics with no improvement, I developed an indescribably intense pressure in my ears and my head.

 By now I was beginning to experience severe spasms in my upper body.  It was very frightening and the misdiagnosis from the medical profession continued.  Bone scans, body scans, brain scans followed and still no breakthrough.  By now, I was in a bad way with my ears aching unbearably and the electric shock like spasms getting worse.

It was around the time that my husband and son either witnessed or remembered a segment on The Late Late Show with a man called Michael O’ Doherty who might be able to help.  An appointment was made.

As soon as Michael walked into the room to see me I could feel his presence.  He spoke with a gentle voice and I told him the story of my pain and heartache.  Whilst Michael and his team worked on me I could feel the heat go through my body.  As Michael performed Bio Energy Treatment on me I was relieved to feel the healing gradually taking place.  Each visit to Michael’s clinic brought improvement and my symptoms started to ease.

 I was in tears, I was so relieved.  My energy returned bit by bit and I could sleep again.  Michael reassured me that my body would heal from the shock and anxiety locked away inside due to recent family tragedies and a farming accident involving a cow.  Finally, the correct diagnosis that led to Michael being able to help me return to health.


Michael and his team have restored my life to my family and me.  I cannot thank them enough and I thank God for bringing Michael and his team into my life.  I feel so secure to know I can visit Michael and his team in their clinic, they are my Guardian Angels.


Thank you sincerely,



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