Margaret Roche

Cured of depression. ‘We can see now how our health was affected by our grief over Wayne’s her sons death,’ Margaret begins. ‘It was all as a result of the tragedy and the emotional stress that came with it. You don’t realise it when it’s happening because you’re just trying to take each day as it comes; you’re trying to get on with life in the best way you can but it does affect you. ‘After the first treatment session I remember I felt very sick,’ she says. ‘I told Michael about how I had felt after the treatment and he explained that it was natural to feel this way because it was as a result of the emotional release. It took about two or three sessions before I began to feel better. I could feel my energy slowly returning and I was beginning to do things again. My mood was also lifting. It didn’t happen overnight; every day was a step forward.’ Margaret is now perfect.

I resonate with all that is good and powerful and I allow all the positivity and success to come to me.

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