Hughie Rice - Spinal Injury

Hughie suffered severe nerve damage to his lower back and left leg in a motorbike crash which left him paralysed in one leg and wheelchair-bound. After attending Michael O Doherty at the Plexus bio-energy clinic and after several weeks of intensive therapy on the lower end of his spine and back, Hughie began to show some improvement, power returned to his left leg and he began to walk again. Hughie has returned to full health.


Teenager Hughie Rice took a long walk around his Co. Clare home last Christmas. To him that alone was a gift beyond his wildest dreams.... "A miracle".

For only a few weeks earlier the 19 year old mechanic who lives in Ennis had been confined to a wheelchair. Doctors could not give him assurances that he would ever get out of it again.

Bike mad Hughie had suffered nerve damage to his back and left leg during a holiday crash back in late June. His 500cc Kawasaki scrambling bike went out of control at 80mph on a dirt track in Downpatrick, Do. Down. The soft spoken teenager whose family comes from nearby Newcastle was hurled 30 ft into the air. He would spend the next three months in hospitals in Northern Ireland, including Belfast's famous Royal Victoria.

"They tried everything to get my leg moving again" Hughie told Sunday World. "I was given electro-shock treatment, physiotherapy", traction and neuro investigation" he said.
Then Hughie heard of the work of bio-energy healers Michael O 'Doherty and Tom Griffin. He went along to a bio therapy clinic in Oranmore, Co. Galway. "For the first time since the accident I began to feel movement in my "dead leg" said Hughie.

Three weeks later, after intensive therapy and work on the lower end of his spine, Hughie Rice got his miracle.

"I just couldn't believe it, I still can't believe it. I'm better, totally better" he said. He still kept an appointment with the specialists in Belfast's Royal Hospital. Hughie told them that he had been receiving treatment from the bio therapists who first hit the headlines a few years ago in an exclusive Sunday World story and who subsequently appeared on the Late Late Show. "They told me to keep doing whatever, I was doing with them" he said. They saw that something had worked for me and encouraged me to keep with it.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

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